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Breeding quality, versatile paint horses with rare colouring.

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Please note - Every horse offered for sale, must sell with a sale contract.

- We disclose everything we know about the horse offered for sale, the good and the bad. We cannot watch each of our horses 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which would be nice but unrealistic.

- We cannot guarantee that the horse will behave the same for you as it does us. Horses are living breathing animals with thoughts, feelings and a mind of their own.

- We strongly recommend that the buyer have a veterinarian and farrier inspection done on the horse before it is purchased. This is for your piece of mind not ours.

- Lots of pics will be uploaded onto our facebook group of each foal, aswell as at least one video, showing their temperament, abilities and playfulness in the paddock.

- We endeavour to handle all of our youngsters of a high standard before they leave for their new homes. Each foal is - Wormed when old enough, and put into a worming regiment. Reasonable / easy to catch, halter broken, leads, ties, floats, touch all over, pick up and trim feet, taught to lay down on command (not fine tuned though, as it takes time), desensitised as much as possible, groomed, rugged (if needed), basic lunging, and anything else we can think of, time permitting. 

- Foals will be weaned at  4 - 5 months of age, and ready to leave at  5 - 6 mths.

- Each foal will be registered before sale, and registration paperwork given to the purchasers when fully paid for.

- All foals are offered with a payment plan.

To view more pictures visit facebook group - Kiakai Park Paints.











Contact Details.                                 


  Email - [email protected]     

 Mobile - 0429 236 769.

Facebook - Kiakai Park Paints.

 Please note -  if you block your number from me I will not answer, due to annoying scammers and telemarketers.

Leave a message in this case, I will get back to you. Happy browsing.










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