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DOUBLE A ARCTIC SHINE.                              

Gold Dun Champagne Sabero.

Champagne Gene - Ch/n.

Dun Gene - D/n.

Sabino 1 Gene - Sb1/n.

Overo Gene - Ov/n.

Tobiano Gene - Negative.

Splashed White Genes 1-4 - Negative.

Dominent White 1-21 Genes - Negative.

Black/Red Gene - ee Homozygous Red.

Agouti Gene - Aa.

Pic taken April 2017.

 - - Jaye is the first and only colt in Australia, with these colour genetics, and so far I've been unable to find any others out there with the same genetics. He is truly one of a kind.


                September 2016.                                                 September 2016.                                                    September 2016.

 DOB - 14TH November 2015. 

 BREED - Paint.

 PHAA regd - 15647.

 HEIGHT - currently 15.3hh / - estimated mature height 16.0hh

 BROKEN IN - October 2020.

 DISCIPLINE - Performance / Halter Bred.

HERDA - Negative.

HYPP - Negative.

PSSM1 - Negative.            Tested Etalon Dx, USA.

GBED - Negative.

MH - Negative.

JEB1 - Negative.

JEB2 - Negative.

SIRE - My Shining Ashwood (imp), Gold Champagne Dun QH 15.3h.

DAM - Arctic Ruby Jean, (dec) Chestnut Sabero Medicine Hat Paint 15h.


                                                                    Jaye's Pedigree chart, click on the link below.




 Jaye arrived late Tuesday the 16th August 2016.

 Jaye is performance bred with some halter thrown in aswell. He's a very special boy with unique colour genetics and a proven family tree in a variety of disciplines.

 Jaye is a medicine hat, with gorgeous blue eyes, and patches of colour dispersed here and there over him. He loves cuddle time, he's an extremely smart boy with a lovely quiet disposition. He has a big graceful stride, lightness of foot, he can turn on a dime, and is very nimble on his feet. Jaye shows real jumping potential at such a young age, which is something we will explore down the track. Jaye certainly has the look at me factor....

Jaye should mature over 16hh, with a good solid build.





Jaye's Bloodline Family Tree Achievements.

 SIRE - My Shining Ashwood. imp.

 - #2nd Place 2016 Calliope Campdraft. (maiden)                                        - Campdrafting 19.5pts.

 - Sire of Halter achievers.

 DAM - Artic Ruby Jean.

 - Halter 2.5pts.


 - Register of Merit Halter 2006.                                                       - Halter 14.5pts.

 - Reining 5pts.


 - 4x Reserve World Champion Halter.                                            - Producer of multiple Champions and Reserve Champion Progeny.

 - World Champion.                                                                          - Sire of Futurity Champions.


 - Halter 7.5pts.


 - 2006 Bronze Century Award for Western Pleasure.                     - 2006 Superior Horse, Halter.                                                                                                         - 2006 Superior Horse, Bridle Path Hack.                                       - 2006 Champion.

 - 2006 Superior Horse, Western Pleasure.                                     - 2006 Register of Merit, Halter.

 - 2006 Register of Merit, Bridle Path Hack.                                     - 2006 Register of Merit, Western Pleasure.

 - Halter    96.5pts                                                                             -  Reining     6.5pts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Trail Horse 9pts.                                                                              - Earning a total of 408.5pts.

 - Western Riding 0.5pts.                                                                  - Jumping 1pt.

 - Bridle Path Hack 85pts.                                                                 - English Pleasure 3pts.

 - Western Pleasure 198pts.                                                             - General Performance 4pts.                         

 - Hunter Hack 5pts.                                                      


 - 2006  Bronze Century Award, Halter.                            - 2006 Bronze Century Award, Western Pleasure.

 - 2006  Champion Award.                                                - 2006  Superior Horse, Halter.

 - 2006 Superior Horse, Trail Horse.                                       - 2006 Superior Horse, Bridle Path Hack.

 - 2006 Superior Horse, Western Pleasure.                            - 2006 Register of Merit, Halter.

 - 2006 Register of Merit, Western Riding.                              - 2006 Register of Merit, Bridle Path Hack.

 - 2006 Register of Merit, Trail Horse.                                     - Register of Merit, Western Pleasure.

 - Halter 110.5pts.                                                                    - Reining 9pts.

 - Trail Horse 96.5pts.                                                              - Western Riding 34.5pts.

 - Bridle Path Hack 56.5pts.                                                    - Western Pleasure 115pts.

 - Working Cow Horse 4pts.                                                    - Dressage 6pts.

 - Hacking 8pts.


 - Reserve Wold Champion Halter.                                 - AQHA Hall of Fame.

 - Multiple World Champion Halter Sire.                         - Multiple World Champion Leading Halter Sire.

 - ROM Halter.                                                                 - Halter Top Ten World Show.

 - #1 Leading Halter Horse Sire.                                     - #4 All time Leading Sire of Halter Horse ROM's.

 - Sire of Reserve World Champions.                             - Superior Halter.

 - QH Congress Get.


 - 1981 AQHA/PHBA Palomino/Champagne Stallion.            - x52 AQHA Halter Points.

 - AQHA Superior Halter Horse.                                             - PHBA World Champion.

 - Stood in the top 10 at AQHA World.                                   - 1999 Equistat Leading Halter Sire.

 - Sired PHBA & IBHA World Champions.                              - Sired Reserve World Champion.

 - Sired HTL Top 10 World Show.                                           - Sired HLT Superior Halter.

 - AQHA Reserve High Point Halter Stallion.                            - Numerous ROM Halter.

 - Numerous ROM Performance.                                             - His Get have earned over 2,082pts. 


 - 2006 Register of Merit, Halter.                                           - Halter 21pts.


 - 2006 Champion.                                                                 - 2006 Register of Merit, Halter.

 - 2006 Register of Merit, Halter.                                           - 2006 Register of Merit, Western Riding.

 - 2006 Register of Merit, Trail Horse.                                   - 2006 Register of Merit, Western Pleasure.

 - Halter 48.5pts.                                                                    - Reining 6pts.

 - Trail Horse 14pts.                                                                - Western Riding 12pts.

 - Bridle Path Hack 1pt.                                                         - Western Pleasure 19pts.

 - Working Cow Horse 1pt.                                                      - Barrel Race 5pts.

 - Rope Race 9pts.                                                                  - Sporting & Novelty 1pt. 


 - 1979 Register of Merit, Halter.                                              - 1980 Superior Horse, Halter.

 - 1993 Achievement, Halter.                                                    - Western Pleasure 2pts.

 - Halter 65pts.                                                                         - General Performance 6pts.


 - Halter 99pts.                                                                                               - ROM Halter.

 - #1 Leading AQHA Sire of World Champion Halter Horses.                       - 1986 AQHA World Champion Aged Stallion.

 - 1985 AQHA Reserve Champion World Champion 3yr Stallion.                - 2014 AQHA Hall of Fame.

 - 1983 Top Ten World Show Yearling Stallion QH Congress.


 - Halter 50pts.                                                                           - Superior Halter.

 - World Champion.                                                                    - Reserve World Champion.




Jaye's Achievements.                          

DATE.     SHOW.                                        EVENT.                               PLACING.     POINTS. 







Jaye's STUD FEES.                                

 Jaye will be available for stud duties, when he is older.

 He will be available by AI and Live cover.

 SERVICE FEE - $               LFG. ( + collection and freight if AI.)

Important things to remember - -

 - A stud service contract must be signed.

 - Approved limited mares only.

 - All mares must be registered with a Breed association, paperwork must be provided before breed contract is signed.

 - ( All mares must be tested OVERO Negative.) And paperwork provided as proof. We will not be responsible for breeding any Lethal White foals.

 - ALL live cover will be by hand serving only, NO paddock serving.

 - Live cover is only offered to mares that are free from any STI/ or STD. ( The mare may need to be swabbed before any breeding is to take place, this is at the mare owners expense.)

( Any form of live cover can be dangerous, we don't want the Stallion, Mare or any Humans to be harmed during this time. We endeavour to make sure our Stallions are well trained and behaved. Just as it's the mare owners responsibility to make sure their Mare is trained, handled and behaves.)




Jaye's Foals.                                       

YEAR.       GENDER.     COLOUR.                          NAME.                                           MARE. 

 2022 January. 1st foal due to Just carnelian.