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la xceptionally lethal.                                                                

 Our resident gelding for family and friends to ride...


                                                                                                       Photo taken on the 23/04/15.      



                            Perlino Dominent White.



    24/08/14. Clipped out and washed. If you look carefully you can see Singos' markings. Singo is a confirmed w20 carrier ( Sabino Variant ). And may possibly carry another unknown paint gene. As W20 in heterozygous form doesn't display loudly on a horse.

Born - 15th August 2013. 

BROKEN IN - 2016.


Registrations - PHAA - 14211, paint bred. ( Confirmed to carry a paint gene, but at this stage we can't reclassify him. )

HEIGHT. - 15hh.

Hypp - Negative.

Herda - Negative.

Pssm1 - Negative.       Genetically tested overseas.

Gbed - Negative.

Mh - Negative..


Sire - QRQ MERCURY RISING. Palomino Overo Paint. ~ 16hh.

Dam - CHANTILLY GOLD. Dec. Buckskin AQHA. 14.3hh.


                                               Click on the blue link below to view Singos pedigree.



 Singo arrived on the 3rd December 2013.  He is a very vocal boy who loves to talk to the other horses and us humans. He has a quiet nature and just wants smooches all day long. 

 Singo has a mix of old proven and newer proven bloodlines in his family tree. Making him versatile.

 Singo has a speared white sock on his hind nearside leg. He has a swishy large blaze that extends under his chin, A small patch above his offside eye, and has dispersed roaned patches over his body including his legs. White hairs throughout his mane and tail.  As Singo ages his whiter colouring is becoming more pronounced, and it's getting harder to see the cream from the white.

 May 2016. Singo is now broken in and going great guns. He was broken in on cattle, he done the workload of 2 horses for 3 weeks. He is naturally cowy, he worked alongside a chopper at times, had to carry a calf over his wither while continuing to muster for around 5 kms, with no issues at all. Singo is well balanced with lovely paces, quiet, very soft in the mouth, smart, can track a beast no issues at all, and he can handle the workload.

 03/02/2017. Singo had his first ride since August last year. He was very well behaved, and was referred to as a kind horse.

Singo is our resident gelding for family and friends to ride and learn on.





                 17/05/14.   CCQHA B SHOW.                          18/05/14.  CCQHA A SHOW.                                             28/06/14.


                                                            19/12/14.                                                                                                 08/03/15.





                                                 20/08/15.                                                                                                       20/08/15.



                                      Singo having his last ride with the breaker, before coming home. 09/05/16.



             Singos' Family Achievement History.

 Sire - QRQ Mercury Rising - 

 - AO Colt/Stallion 9 pts.                         - Halter 24pts.

 - Multiple Grand Champion colt.             - Multiple All Breeds Weanling Futurity Winner.

 * Potassium (imp)-   

 - Halter 2 pts.                                         - 2012 Leading Sire of Halter, National Champion Titles.

 - Sired Futurity Winners.                        - Sired Show Winners.

 - Sired Champions.

 * Perpetuation (USA) -   

  - x9 Time World Champion.                   - Sire of world champions.

 * Perpetualism (USA)-  

  - x3 World champion.                             - Sire of world champions.

 * Kid Clu - (USA)  

 - Reserve world champion.                                  - Top 10 world show.

 - ROM in halter.                                                    - Sire of reserve and world champions.

 - Sire of top 10 world show, superior halter.          - Sire of AQHA high point halter, ROM halter.

 - Sire of NSBA money earners.

 * Miss Superiority (USA)- 

 - World champion.                                 - Superior halter.

 - ROM halter offspring.

 *Tardee Impressive (USA)-   

 - World champion.                                         - Reserve world champion.

 - Superior halter.                                            - Sire of world champions, and reserve world champions.

 - Sire of superior halter winners, AQHA high point halter winners.

 - Sire of superior performance winners, ROM halter winners.

 - Sire of ROM performance winners and NSBA money earners. 

 * Skip A City Slicker  (USA)-  

 - Superior Halter Mare. With over 250 Halter pts.                 - ROM in Youth and Colour.

 * QRQ Dis Concent -  

  - Halter 26.5 pts.                                         - Multi Futurity Winner.

  - State Champion.                                        - National Reserve Champion.

 * My Only Concention (imp) -  

 - Halter 121 pts.                                            - Plus Awards.

 Dam - Chantilly Gold -

 - Halter 0.5 pt.

 * Mr Moon Dust -  

  - Halter 63.0 pts.                                           - Plus Awards.  

  * Mr Moon Rocketeer -  

- Halter 23 pts.                                                - General Performance Award.

- Plus Award.

 * Moon Deck (USA)-  

 - Superior performance.                         - Race money earner.

 - ROM performance.                                   - Sire of world champions, superior halter winners.

 - Sire of superior performance, ROM performance winners.

 - Sire of race ROM, and race money earners.

 * Poco Little Dell -  

   - 2.0pts Halter.                                       - Sire of achievers.

 * Dell Mingo  (IMP)-   

  - 60.5 AQHA points, for Camp drafting, Cutting, Halter, Reining & General Performance.

  - Awards for Halter.                                - Awards for Performance. 

 * Lions Look -  

 - Hack and Hunter 7.0 pts

 * Straight Lion - 

  - Halter 1.0 pt.                                            - 3 First Places in Racing.

  - 2 Second Places in Racing.                      - 1 Third Place in Racing.

  - 3 Fourth Places in Racing.

  - Sired ROM, Superior Barrel Racing & Halter horses in Australia.

 * Jet Deck (USA) - 

  - Had 22 race wins.                                     - 1991 AQHA hall of fame.

  - World champion 5x                                   - 1st los Alamitos futurity $93,265. 


   -- And the list goes on with Achievers in Singos family tree.




singos achievements.                                                  

 Date.       Show.                                      Event.                                         Placing.    Points.

 17/05/14.  CCQHA B show                           Halter                                                 1st            0.0.       mixed class.

 18/05.14.  CCQHA A show                           Halter                                                 1st             0.5.

 18/05/14.  CCQHA A show                         Champion paint colt/stallion                 1st             0.0.

 24/07/14.  CCQHA B show                           Halter                                                  1st             0.5.

 27/07/14.  CCQHA A show                           Halter                                                  1st             0.5.

 27/07/14.  CCQHA AA show                         Halter                                                  1st             0.5.